Welcome to the Issue Tracker of the Open Source Initiative.

Latest projects

  • Working Groups (02/10/2014 02:59 pm)

    Issues and tasks associated with creating, supporting and managing OSI Working Groups.

  • Asterisk (via Eclipse) (02/07/2014 03:29 pm)

    Issues and tasks associated with the Asterisk conference bridge.
    Please note this service is administered by the Eclipse Foundation

  • Trademarks (02/02/2014 07:55 pm)

    Issues and tasks related to the use of the OSI logo and trademarks.

  • Elections (01/30/2014 07:39 pm)

    Issues and tasks associated with organizing, administering and holding elections.

  • Marketing & Communications (01/28/2014 03:37 pm)

    Tasks and projects associated with creating and managing marketing and communications campaigns with the OSI community, i.e. Individual Members, Affiliates, Corporate Sponsors.
    (Please note: issues related to the OSI website should be added to the OSI Website....